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Search for relatives of Catherine Mary McGarry
Hello. I'm searching for relatives of Catherine Mary McGarry, who emigrated through Ellis Island, NY to Elizabeth, NY, USA. Catherine married Patrick Joseph McGarry on 16 June 1919 in Sacred Heart Church in Elizabeth, NJ with witnesses Bartley Rafferty and Elizabeth Rafferty. Catherine and Patrick McGarry had four children: John Patrick, Mary, Jim, and Catherine Rita McGarry. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. Cheers, Bunny Doucet
by: Bunny on October 19, 2017
Brett confections
I visited anchonry last June and in church yard was many grave stones with names of Brett my grandmother was Mary Brett who left Sligo for usa with other family members but she only got as far as Liverpool UK would love to have contact with anyone who has any history on Brett's who went to USA in 1800's poss on ss City of Boston to New York.
by: Pamela Hudson on June 06, 2017
Anna Agatha forde
My grandmother, Anna forde, was born bonniconlon in 1905. Her parents were patrick and ellen (nellie) forde. What area church would contain her baptismal Cert? Full address I have is knock roe, rather Dane, bonniconlon. I'may in Ireland now. Thanks for any replies. Sharon dalmer
by: Sharon dalmer on May 04, 2017
Collins family Achonry
Michael and Catherine Collins lived in Achonry in the early 1800s. Catherine died in 1853, Michael in 1860. Their children Mary, John, William and Bridget emigrated to Australia during the 1850s. Their daughter Catherine remained in Ireland, probably continuing to live in the Achonry area. It is possible there were other children who also led their lives in the area. The Australian descendants of Michael and Catherine Collins would dearly love to know of any descendants remaining in Ireland. Tobercurry, Drumbaun are other places within the Achonry area that members of the Collins family may have lived. Please contact me if you think you may know anything at all. The family tree is on by numerous descendants.
by: Mandy Collins on January 30, 2017
Sweeney/Boylan family from Achonry
Hello Anchonry residents . Does anyone remember anyone from the family of James Sweeney and Annie Sweeney (Boylan) In 1940 they had a daughter Annie Bernadette Sweeney . She married in London Michael Dempsey and they had a daughter in 1966 called Shirley . Are they back in Sligo ? Any news would be great . Thank you all very much .
by: Shirley Holmes on September 28, 2016
Looking for Brennan and Henry relations
My grandfather, Patrick Brennan left the Tuberrcurry area around 1865 & settled in Yonkers, NY. His father was also Patrick, married to Ann Henry. He had many siblins, including Thomas, Charles, Ann, William and Winifred. On a recent visit to your area, I stopped in your church and found a beautiful Stained glass window with some of those same names. Wondering if any knows about this family or any of these individuals. My grandfather died many years before I was born and my dad died young before I was able to ask about his family history. It would be fantastic if someone could provide any information. Thank you. 4
by: Ellen Snowdon on May 18, 2016
Gormanly family
While reading the on-line newsletter, Irish Central yesterday, I saw there were two daughters of Nora Agnes Gormanly seeking information about her as well. The cite to contact given is: and tele # is 0035316917252. Best of luck! Lisa Pickens from
by: Lisa Pickens on April 27, 2016
Della McGowen
looking for grandmother, Della McGowen, born 1874/1876. Left Ireland for U.S. abt. 1884
by: Sue Buzard on December 20, 2015
Part Time Carers wanted
Part time Carers wanted in the South Sligo and North Roscommon areas.Experience required. Please apply and send your CV attention Bernie Connolly to: Older Persons Service RSG Derrane Co Roscommon
by: Margaret Bourke on November 07, 2015
family search Rice - Bench - Nolan
Hello, I am traveling to Ireland Oct 8th to the 15th next month. I am trying to find a church that would have information on my grandfather's grandfather. What churches in Ireland have records dating back to 1790 to 1840's? I have naturalization papers for my grandfathers father Michael Rice in 1856 in America. I think he was born 7 Aug 1831 in Wexford. I am unable to find his parents Edward and Hannah Nolan. Also, my grandfathers mother Catharine Bench was born in Ireland to John and Margaret Bench in? 1832? My hope is to find a place of my roots to visit during my stay. I dream of meeting live family members. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you Arlene Gennari
by: Arlene Gennari on September 05, 2015

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