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Sun, 2020

Parish of Achonry/Mullinabreena

Church of St Nathy & St Brigid, Achonry F91 X998

Church of the Sacred Heart Mullinabreena F56 C864

Fr Peter Gallagher 071 9184002 / 087 2221244,   F56 CY23


2020 Sunday Cycle A Weekday Cycle II  

These Masses will be celebrated in private due to the

 coronavirus restrictions , but are on Facebook at Achonry Mullinabreena Church.

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat 4th                    8:00 pm No Mass (M)

Sun 5th                   10:00 am              Ann Gorman (M)

Mon 6th                  St Maria Goretti (martyr), St Monnine

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Tues 7th                 St Maelruain (bishop & abbot)

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Wed 8th                  St Kilian (bishop & martyr)

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Thurs 9th               St Augutine Zhao Rong & Companions (martyrs)

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Fri          10th         10:00 am              Private Intention (M)

Sat 11th                  St Benedict (abbot, Patron of Europe)

10:00 am        Patrick & Mary Rooney & dec’d of

                                         Rooney & Cawley families (M)

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat 11th 8:00 pm No Mass (M)

Sun 12th                 10:00 am              Anne Kelly, Tubbercurry (M)


MULLINABREENA       4pm – 8pm

ACHONRY                      6pm – 9pm



14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 5th July:
 Focus:  Jesus’ kingship is one of mercy with humility & compassion for all who struggle. - In the kingship of Jesus, we celebrate his humility & gentleness, & in a particular way, his understanding of the blessings of children. His dominion is not one of power & control, but of a servant who lifts up the fallen & raises all who are burdened; he is gracious & merciful.

Mass will be celebrated every day in private. If you have a Mass booked this week it will be offered & the family may attend.

Readers of the Word

Saturday 11th July 8pm: …… (M)

Sunday 12th July 10am: …… (A)

1st Reading Is 55:10-11. Psalm Ps 64.

2nd Reading Rom 8:18-23. Gospel Mt 13:1-23.

Achonry & Mullinabreena Churches are open every day 10am to 6pm for anyone wanting to visit, say a prayer or light a candle. Dispensers & sanitizer provided, please use as you enter & exit the church. Only use the seats specified as they have to be wiped down every night. The less seats used the easier that task will be. Thank you.


After the Government met on Friday 19th June the rules on re-opening churches changed again. Numbers attending from 29th June to 20th July are restricted to not more than 50. Because of this restriction & having to divide the Parish into sections for this 3 week period, we are going to continue with the same regulations as we have adhered to since mid-March with a slight variation. Mass intentions booked from 29th June to 20th July will be celebrated but those families ONLY are asked to attend the Mass.

After July 20th the numbers go up from 50 to 100 so by then we should be able to celebrate Mass with social distancing & without restricting attendance to different areas of the Parish on different weekends. Due to the capacity of each church & Mullinabreena (2,300 sq ft) having over twice the floor area of Achonry (1040 sq ft), all Masses will be celebrated in Mullinabreena Church until social distancing rules are somewhat relaxed.

  • Sunday Obligation may be fulfilled by attending any weekday Mass.
  • All are asked to enter the Church in single file & gathering in groups in Church Grounds is not encouraged.
  • The wearing of face masks by individuals is recommended.
  • The parish team will sanitise the Church after each Mass.
  • The welcome team will show you to your seat. Seats will be filled starting from the front seats.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass; in single file & only in the hand & while observing appropriate distance.

The latest update from the Government only concerns big churches with a social distance capacity of over 50, (where churches have to be divided into sub-sections with not more than 50 in each section). It doesn’t concern our parish so we are keeping to recent protocol. Looking forward to being together again for the Eucharist from July 20th.

Your help is urgently needed to help overseas missionaries & vulnerable communities to defend themselves against COVID-19. In Africa, Asia & Latin America the Church is often on the frontline. In remote, inaccessible areas, it is missionaries who respond, as best they can, to the medical & pastoral needs of suffering communities. Missionaries already face too many challenges; working in over-crowded communities with no running water. In shantytowns & refugee camps where social distancing is simply impossible, & where self-isolation could mean starvation. To help protect these fragile communities, Pope Francis has announced the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. If you can, please give so that our less-fortunate brothers & sisters have a fighting chance at suppressing COVID-19. Donate by going online or call Fiona on 01 497 2035. Bank of Ireland Transfer Details: Account Name - Society for the Propagation of the Faith. IBAN - IE12 BOFI 9007 5456 9616 36    BIC - BOFIIE2D


The six Western Dioceses (the Tuam Province) have planned a new initiative as part of the ongoing response to the pastoral challenge presented by COVID-19. One of the important Gospel stories of these Easter days is the account of how the two disciples met the Risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus and how they asked him: “Stay With Us Lord; it is almost Evening”. With this in mind, we are inviting you to join us for a 20 min reflection, each Sunday at 6.30 pm between now and Pentecost. Each reflection will be given by a different guest presenter & will be broadcast on webcam from a different location in the West. Sunday Prayer Time 6.30 p.m. The reflection can be accessed this week at

Arts Grants: The maximum amount that can be applied for under Dance, Street Arts & Spectacle & Traditional Arts Bursary Awards now increased from €10K to €15K. Download updated guidelines for the bursaries via Applications close on Thursday 30th July.

Commission On Aviation Regulation: Waiting for a very long time for a refund for a flight caused by Covid19? Get in touch with the Commission on Aviation Regulation where you can make a complaint or find out more about your rights!  

Covid 19: The number of deaths worldwide is now over 534,000 & Republic of Ireland deaths at 1,740. That’s 34,000 deaths last week

Sunday 5th July - LITURGY OF THE WORD

Zechariah tells Jerusalem to rejoice, for their king shall come to [them] … riding … on a colt, proclaiming a message of peace to the nations. Saint Paul instructs the Romans that whoever does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him. In the Gospel, Jesus gives praise to the Father for what he has revealed to the little ones.

Masses with a congregation

Sunday & weekday Masses with a congregation will be possible after July 20th, provided that social distancing & upper limit of 100, & hand hygiene & proper sanitisation are observed. Social distancing will have to be adhered to in seating, in the Communion procession & in people entering & exiting churches. Hand sanitisation is now provided & seats & surfaces will be wiped down after each Mass.


The government guidelines indicate that Baptisms cannot be celebrated until after July 20th. It seems likely that even then, numbers attending will be limited to possibly parents, godparents & siblings of the child being baptised. There may be further clarification on baptisms before July 20th.


Currently, attendance at Funeral Masses is limited to immediate family + up to 50 in total can be present in the church. This restriction remains until 20th July.

Cemetery Masses

The advice is that it may be possible to hold cemetery Masses in August or September. We await further clarification on this.

The Pro Life Campaign has said the impact of repeal of the Eighth Amendment is very apparent in the abortion figures released by the Department of Health, covering the first full year of legal abortion in Ireland since the new law came into effect in January 2019.
The official statistics reveal that 6,666 abortions were carried out in Ireland during 2019. Commenting on the figures, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson, Maeve O'Hanlon said: "Those adopting an attitude to the latest figures of 'nothing to see here, everything is fine & going to plan' are downplaying the loss of life caused by the recent introduction of abortion here, as evidenced in these numbers.
"When you add the figure of 6,666 abortions to the 375 abortions on women from Ireland who travelled to England in the same period, the figure amounts to 7,041 in total.  This compares with a figure of 2,879 for the full year of 2018. "It's the first time in 18 years that there has been an increase in the number of abortions & the first time in our history that thousands of innocent unborn babies have had their lives ended with the full backing of Irish law.
"Sure, we can avert our eyes from the truth of what is now legally sanctioned by continuing to dress it up with words like 'choice', but that won't change in any way the profound injustice of what the new law permits.