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Sun, 2020

Parish of Achonry/Mullinabreena

Church of St Nathy & St Brigid, Achonry F91 X998

Church of the Sacred Heart Mullinabreena F56 C864

Fr Peter Gallagher 071 9184002 / 087 2221244,   F56 CY23


2020 Sunday Cycle A Weekday Cycle II  


These Masses will be celebrated in private due to the

 coronavirus restrictions.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Sat 2nd                    8:00 pm James Joe & Evelyn Gannon (M)

Sun 3rd                   10:00 am              Catherine & Gary Dennehy

& dec’d Connolly family (M)

Mon 4th                  St Conleth (bishop)

                                                10:00 am              Private Intention (M)

Tues 5th                 Bl Edmund Rice (religious)

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Wed 6th                  10:00 am              Private Intention (M)

Thurs 7th               10:00 am              Private Intention (M)

Fri          8th           Bl John Sullivan (priest)

10:00 am        Private Intention (M)

Sat 9th     10:00 am              Private Intention (M)

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Sat 9th                    8:00 pm Private Intention (M)

Sun 10th                 10:00 am              Private Intention (M)


MULLINABREENA       4pm – 8pm

ACHONRY                      6pm – 9pm






4th Sunday of Easter 3rd May: Focus: Jesus is the Gate through whom we are saved. - There will be many in this life who will try to lead us astray. The true voice to listen to is that of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. If we live our baptismal promises, we will surely be following the Good Shepherd. This may not al­ways be easy, but God will give us the grace to help us.

Readers of the Word

Saturday 9th May 8pm: …… (M)

Sunday 10th May 10am: …… (A)

1st Reading Acts 6:1-7. Psalm Ps 32.

2nd Reading Pt 2:4-9. Gospel Jn 14:1-12.


Mass will be celebrated every day in private. If you have a Mass booked this week it will be offered in private (a public Mass can be arranged for later). 


4th Sunday of Easter 3rd May

Liturgy of the Word - In the reading from Acts we are reminded that through Baptism we are saved and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Letter of Peter proclaims that we will be blessed by God for our sufferings in the name of Christ. The Gospel tells us that the path to salvation is found through following Jesus, the Good Shepherd.


Fr Paul Kivlehan, Vocations Director will lead a Holy Hour in the Cathedral via the webcam next Friday May 8th at 8pm specifically for Vocations to the priesthood in our own Diocese.

“The one who enters through the gate is the shepherd of the flock; the gatekeeper lets him in, the sheep hear his voice, one by one he calls his own sheep & leads them out. When he has brought out his flock, he goes ahead of them, & the sheep follow because they know his voice.” On this Good Shepherd Sunday we celebrate the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, & consecrated life, especially for our diocese, that God will raise up good shepherds in our midst.  Do you hear the voice of the Lord, the Good Shepherd calling you to a particular way of life? If you think God is calling you to serve the Church as a priest or in the consecrated life, contact the National Vocations Office, email: or your local Diocesan Vocations Director.



The six Western Dioceses (the Tuam Province) have planned a new initiative as part of the ongoing response to the pastoral challenge presented by COVID-19. One of the important Gospel stories of these Easter days is the account of how the two disciples met the Risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus and how they asked him: “Stay With Us Lord; it is almost Evening”. With this in mind, we are inviting you to join us for a 20 min reflection, each Sunday at 6.30 pm between now and Pentecost. Each reflection will be given by a different guest presenter & will be broadcast on webcam from a different location in the West. The webcam links will be posted each week. Sunday Prayer Time to be broadcast at 6.30 p.m. The reflection will be led by Deacon Frank McGuinness of the diocese of Elphin and can be accessed at

In the light of the Taoiseach's statement on Friday evening regarding current restrictions & our exit from them, the bishops of the western province are holding a Zoom meeting on Monday. You will get a further update next weekend.

As of now the restrictions on attending Mass will be lifted on 20th July (if the lifting of restrictions on 8th & 29th of June are working successfully) but people will still have to maintain social distance.

First Holy Communion: The First Holy Communion was scheduled for next Saturday 9th May but due to Covid19 it had to be postponed. As schools are not opening until September, & when Religious services can resume on 20th July weddings & baptisms will still have to be small gatherings, it looks like the First Holy Communion could be in late September or October. More on this after the bishops Zoom meeting on Monday.


Covid 19: The number of deaths worldwide is now almost 250,000, & Republic of Ireland deaths now at 1,300.

Update in relation to COVID-19.  The Department of Health's COVID-19 Information Dashboard provides a summary of case information.  

If you need info & advice go to  

Keeping the body moving if you are Cocooning. 

A new physical activity initiative, primarily aimed at older adults who are cocooning, is being launched by HSE Community Physiotherapy, in partnership with the Age Friendly Alliance, Sport's Partnerships & Public Participation Networks across in Sligo, & other areas. A copy can be requested through: the Community Call Helpline 1800 292 765 Monday –Sunday 8am to 8pm; or text SLIGO to 50100 followed by your request for a copy of the Ageing Well leaflet; or email:  

If you are available to volunteer from home during this period, please contact  

To get e-books  

Accord’s new helpline identifies problems and offers advice
to couples during pandemic restrictions

Accord’s free and confidential ‘Relationships Support Phone Line’ for marriages, families & relationships offers support to those experiencing extra pressure due to social restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers are: - Accord CLG – 01-531 3331. - Accord Dublin – 01-905 9555’ Accord’s ‘Relationship Support Phone Line’ is open 9am – 8pm Monday to Friday. Calls to Accord are 45 to 60 minutes in duration, with the following issues being highlighted:

IDENTIFIED PROBLEMS: Causes of conflict: pressure and stress caused by uncertainty around security of employment; the effect on domestic finances; mental health; living in a confined environment; clashes with other family members due to poor communication; regret at being unable to grieve properly following the death of a loved one; pressure on students arising from changes in exam timetables; challenges associated with having home life converted to an office and a school; emotional impact of constant negative news reporting; and, frustration at the inability to socialise outside.

‘Pressure cooker’ environment: Accord counsellors have noted that people under stress at home can feel that they are living in a ‘pressure cooker’ environment. This situation can induce a regression in their behaviour and human interaction suffers. They can overreact to situations which in turn can cause the domestic atmosphere to deteriorate.

This type of behaviour can present as either uncomfortable silences and/or very loud, explosive and noisy verbal exchanges.

Effects on children: Young people and children exposed to aggressive behaviour - whether once off or on an ongoing basis - experience fear and distress which in turn affects their personal behaviour and relationships with others. Physical isolation at home can compound trauma.

Vulnerable relationships: couples whose relationships had been under pressure prior to imposition of the COVID-19 restrictions are particularly at risk as their confinement exacerbates existing unresolved relationship issues. Being compelled to remain at home all the time, together, save for essential journeys, is magnifying existing tensions and problems.

KEY ADVICE TIPS: Accord counsellors offer the following key tips to people at home at this time: - For individuals living in fear at home, Accord counsellors are trained in identify and handling domestic abuse. In such situations the priority is the safety of the fearful person and their children. Accord can support an individual to develop a safety plan and can advise them of specialist crisis support contact numbers. - In general, try and keep the lines of communication open with your spouse/partner. - Be conscious of how you raise issues with your partner.
There are productive ways and unproductive ways of raising issues. - Talk from your own feelings first and express what is difficult for you and what you feel you need rather than blaming and being critical of your partner. Criticism usually begets defensive, stonewalling or disproportionate responses. - Be willing to look at yourself and your behaviour in addition to your partner’s shortcomings. ‘What is it like to be in relationship and to live with me?’ is a good question to ask ourselves. - Self-management is a very good skill to hone in these pressurised and worrying times. It might be better to raise an issue at another time so that your partner can hear the cause of concern in a calmer context & to avoid an experience of perceived criticism or attack.

Advice re bereavement/ serious illness

Insofar as issues such as bereavement or serious illness impact the couple relationship, callers can discuss these issues with a counsellor on the Support Line. If the issue is about a specific personal bereavement &/or health issue, then referral to a specialist may be required.

Advice/ guidance on financial difficulty: If the issue relates to how the household finances are being managed or mismanaged that may be discussed by the caller. However, Accord does not offer financial advice but counsellors have relevant details of national support services which address personal finance problems.

Resources: Accord provides  resources on its website, on its Facebook page and on its Twitter account based on feedback from counsellors who have dealt with relationship and family difficulties experienced during these confined times.

Mass on TV: With the help of, we will be broadcasting a Mass at 2pm on RTÉ NewsNow, from the Holy Family Mission in Glencomeragh  & celebrated by Fr Patrick Cahill. I hope to maintain this practice while restrictions persist, broadcasting Protestant Services, too, on the weeks when RTÉ One / Radio 1 Extra is featuring a Mass. RTÉ News Now can be accessed on Saorview Channel 21; Sky 521; Virgin 200; Eir 517 & also via its own website, free app & via the RTÉ Player, where this content will also be available after the initial transmission. 

COVID-19 Support Line for Older People: ALONE has launched a support line for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19. Professional staff are available to answer queries & give advice & reassurance where necessary. The support line is open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, 0818 222 024. Hours may be extended to meet the demand

Departmental websites which include information specific to areas in their remit; the following may help you find information you might be looking for quickly if you have a specific query:  

Health - Latest updates  

Pandemic Unemployment Payment  

Supports for business  

Agriculture and Farming

Childcare Services  

Education - various announcements  

Revenue - information for tax payers


Revenue - info for Employers - Wage Subsidy Scheme

Driving Licence, NCT etc  

Government statement regarding funeral services:

“Another sensitive issue that has arisen, & caused concern for people, over the course of this emergency is that of funeral services. The government’s critical services list issued on Saturday included funerals as one of those services.

“The government wants to ensure that families are able to bury their loved ones in a respectful manner while ensuring that all involved - mourners, funeral directors, celebrants & all involved in these services are protected from COVID-19.

“The HSE has already provided guidance in this regard & further guidance is now being developed & will be published shortly.

“In the meantime, I can confirm that immediate family members can still attend funeral services, burials & cremations, provided that social distancing rules are respected. This relates to all funerals, including those arising out of COVID-19 deaths.

“While we know this is difficult, in general, numbers attending should not exceed 10 persons in places of worship & at the graveside but this may be restricted further in smaller enclosed places. Individual churches may also put in place restrictions which respond to specific local circumstances.

“We are continuing to liaise with all stakeholders to protect the dignity of Irish funerals as we navigate this difficult period & we will review practices as necessary

“We would encourage anybody affected by these issues to contact the range of bereavement & other support services that are available”.

In summary the public health authority advice states:

  • Immediate family members not exceeding 10 persons may still attend funeral services, burials and cremations, provided that social distancing rules are enforced
  • This relates to all funerals including those arising out of COVID-19 deaths.
  • The number not exceeding 10 persons applies to places of worship and at the graveside.
  • The number may be restricted in smaller enclosed spaces and churches may put in place restrictions which respond to specific local circumstances.